Romwe Boho Pailey Pattern Romper sale !


There is a floral print which you may have seen it but can not speak out its name. It looks like comma, cashew, feathers of phoenix, deformative water drop and Taoism patterns yin and yang. But paisley pattern is her true name.


Paisley is famous form its long history. It originates from Ancient Babylon but prevalent in Kashmir . It born out of Bodhi leaf which symbolizes the tree of life. In the middle of 18th century, during the expedition to Egypt , Napoleon brought the cape with Kashmir paisley pattern to France and immediately become a massive hit among the upper class of European society.


In the spirit of extending the meaning of Paisley , Romwe endows the Boho Paisley Pattern Romper with modernism. It makes people feel the endless vitality of life, like the dim but hopeful light in the dark, which bright enough to illuminate the lonely days. Just like the women appeared in the movie of Almodovar, no matter how life changeable and unpredictable, they always keep being supple but strong and flouring like flowers, which is also the meaning and purpose of ancient paisley patter.


Wear it, you are the Miss Paisley! More amazing, the Paisley Chiffon Romper will be only $11.99 on this Thursday(24.07.14), starting at 1:00AM(GMT), for 24 hours only.


You’ll save 57% and enjoy free shipping >>





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